Brand Movie

Withlocals is connecting travelers around the world with locals and enables them to book personalised city tours or local culture experiences. The start-up was going to participate to one of the most important event in the travel industry and wanted to introduce their brand to the world. They wanted a short commercial to illustrate their service and value proposition. 

Setup & context

Together with the in-house creative team we came up with a concept, script and treatment. We pitched to the board and got the green light. There was a tight time and budget constrain to deliver the project. After we evaluated the risks we decided to implement the project. 

The challenge & problem PROCESS

Producing a high quality commercial for a small start-up with a limited budget is always a challenge. But I love to find creative ways to work out with the client's budget. 

This project required working with an in-house creative team and building 2 other production teams, one in Vilnius and one in Seville and remotely coordinating pre-production. 

The biggest challenge might have been convincing our "surprise" character to eat the orange, but he cooperated beyond expectations.

I coordinated over 30 people in 3 countries in the effort to produce this commercial. 


Bianca Paul

Creative project manager, video producer and photographer. I’m excited to bring the sunny side up in any project you challenge me with!



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